ROCK HILL, S.C. -- After months of promising to help fix a speeding issue in Rock Hill neighborhood, city officials are now going back on their word.

In March, the city conducted a traffic study in the Greenbriar neighborhood. The findings showed that the neighborhood met the criteria to have speed humps installed.

“There’s a little over 1,900 cars that travel this road on a daily basis,” said Jennifer Willford with the City of Rock Hill. “The speed limit that’s posted is 25 miles per hour. More than 85-percent of the vehicles traveling on that road go at least 32 miles per hour.”

Willford said the speed humps will cost $13,000. The plan was for the city and neighbors to split the cost. Until the city discovered an error made in the study.

“Initially, the traffic counts that the traffic commission reviewed were approximately 19,000 vehicles but that was over a four-day period opposed to a single-day period," said Willford. “It no longer meets the criteria for traffic humps.”

Stacy Gunter says since the city made the mistake they should still honor their commitment.

“I think it’s messed up,” said Gunter. “If the shoe was on the other foot and they were saying we couldn’t do something, they would stand behind what they said and fine us for what they’re doing wrong. They should stand behind what they said.”

The city says they will attempt to fix the issue by increasing patrols in the neighborhood.

However, no word yet if the city will try to make good on their initial promise to install the speed humps. The issue will be discussed during a public traffic commission meeting Wednesday morning.