CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Startling statistics show that Charlotte-Mecklenburg School bus crashes are on the rise.

Tuesday morning, another CMS bus collided with an SUV; two people were sent to the hospital.

"Oh, gosh. It scares me to death," said Melissa York, a CMS parent.

Wreck after wreck, the number of CMS bus crashes are piling up.

Melissa York was shocked to hear about the boost in bus crashes. She has two kids that ride CMS school buses daily.

"Makes you think when you put your kids on the school bus," said York.

According to CMS, statistics show from August through October there's been a spike in bus crashes compared to that same time period last year.

In 2015 during that time frame, there were 110 crashes. This year, during that same time frame, there have been 132.

"In the last month, seems like there been more bus crashes-- at least more than I'm used to getting news of," said Scott Rudd, a CMS parent.

"One crash is one crash too many," said Patrice Moore, a CMS parent.

Last year, CMS reported 353 school bus accidents total. The year before there were 410 reports. Some fear this year's numbers could go even higher and are already playing the blame game.

"If there's a problem, there should be additional training put into place," said Moore.

CMS responded to the rise in wrecks saying in part:

"CMS is always striving to improve safety in the operation of its school buses, those efforts are ongoing. Our ultimate goal is to ensure safe transport of our students to and from school each day."