CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Dash cam video, recorded along I-485 Monday afternoon, shows a driver hit a large puddle in the roadway and nearly lose control.

“Every time it’s raining there seems to be a single car accident in the median on I-485 at that stretch of the road,” Ross Boner said.

Boner takes I-485 to and from work every day. He started to pay more attention to the one mile stretch between mile marker 31.5 and mile marker 32.5 after a family member got into a crash there on a rainy day last summer.

“She was okay. But single car accident,” he said.

Since then he’s seen it time and time again.

In the last month, Boner says he has witnessed four accidents in the last five times he’s driven that stretch of the road, on rainy days.

“It’s a little concerning to me,” Boner went on.

NBC Charlotte reached out to the North Carolina Department of Transportation to see if it was aware of these concerns.

DOT said it is looking into it.

Ross is asking for officials to conduct a study to find out why so many people seem to get into accidents on that stretch.