CHARLOTTE, N.C. - It could start with a honk and escalate to a hand gesture.

"As the city grows there is going to be Road rage," said Johnathan Frisk, a crime prevention specialist officer for CMPD.

Case in point, earlier this week when an 18-wheeler's dash cam footage caught this Ford truck, swerving into the right lane, cutting off the tractor trailer and then hitting the brakes.

The Ford finally finds the gas, driving off without either driver appearing to suffer serious injuries but not all are so lucky.

Back in April, Russell Carlisle laid motionless on a stretcher after someone punched him in uptown.

Police say the incident stemmed from road rage.

This past December, our cameras caught another case of road rage off I-77.

We showed the video to Frisk.

"That stuff happens all the time," Frisk said.

He suggests avoiding all interaction with enraged drivers but if all else fails then go to a well lit area or even police station.

As for the 18-wheeler who recorded this incident, Buckner trucking issued the following statement:

"Our driver acted accordingly with our policies and cooperated with the authorities on all requests. Incidents like this are unfortunate but ultimately the authorities determined that our driver was not at fault for the incident."

We reached out to the company who owns the Ford. The only response they had to our questions "no comment."