CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A horrific scene unfolded Thursday morning on the CATS blue line.

The Lynx light rail train was traveling with 38 passengers on board around 9:20 a.m. when a woman driving a truck seemingly went around the crossing arm. CMPD and CATS are currently investigating what exactly occurred.

Medic pronounced the driver of the truck, 26-year-old Ashley Riveron, dead upon their arrival.

One train passenger sitting in front says he didn't see the truck until the last second. He says he felt the CATS light rail train driver slam on the brakes and he braced for impact. No one onboard the train was injured.

The woman's car was mangled with severe damage. The front end of the train also had extensive damage.

Police say Riveron did not stop for the crossing arm and signal. She struck the crossing arm and entered the path of the train, police say.

Emmanuel Brown says he rides the light rail every day. Several times a week, he sees people trying to beat the trains, he says.

"If people stopped at the crossing, then there wouldn't be no accidents," Browns said. "But people be in a rush. They run across constantly."

The fatal wreck shut down all lanes of Hebron Street at South Boulevard following the accident. The rail service says they will remain closed for investigation until further notice, officials say.

CMPD tweeted the Lynx Blue Line train will not be running south of Hebron for an unknown amount of time while they investigate.