ROCK HILL, S.C. -- There is dramatic video from a crash scene after a vehicle went into a creek in Rock Hill.

The man who shot the video described how the driver was able to make it out safely. He says it happened around noon on Friday on Celanese Road.

C.J. Ames said at first, he didn’t think anyone could survive the crash, but he was glad to find out he was wrong. Ames shot video of the grassy, muddy terrain, which led to the upside-down vehicle at the bottom.

“There’s no guardrail over there, so he went down into the creek,” Ames told NBC Charlotte.

Then Ames says he shot video of something unexpected, the driver.

“To see him standing there like nothing happened, was pretty amazing,” said Ames.

The video also shows damage to another car, which Ames says was a DMV vehicle. Ames explained that a bystander jumped in to help.

“Someone did stop and help him get out of the vehicle,” says Ames. “He got pretty lucky because it looked like the middle of the cab got crushed in half.”

However, most importantly the man inside the vehicle was walking away from the crash, he said.

“I could see blood on the inside of his coat, so he did have some injuries, but he was walking so that’s positive,” says Ames.

Ames says his take away from the crash is to always help someone in need because you might just save a life.

NBC Charlotte reached out to Rock Hill Police for information about the crash, but was told the crash report is not available until Monday. We also contacted the South Carolina DMV and York County officials, but at this point haven’t heard back.