MINT HILL, N.C.-- The new roundabout on N.C. 51 in Mint Hill is expected to not be finished on schedule and bus routes may be affected for the first day of school, according to the DOT.

The DOT spokesperson, Jennifer Thompson confirmed that contractors working on the new roundabout at Idlewild Road and N.C. 51 will not be finished on August 18, when the project was supposed to be mostly completed.

Thompson said the new deadline is now set for August 28, which is also the first day of school.

Traffic that needs to get around the work zone is being routed through a shopping center parking lot where Phil Randazzo runs the Pizza Spiga restaurant.

"A lot of people still are not coming here just to avoid the traffic," said Randazzo, who now worries how school buses would navigate the parking lot if the project is not done by the first day of school.

"If that is not open on school days they have to go through this parking lot and I don't know if they can make the turns. It's going to be a mess," he said.

Thompson from the DOT said crews will keep working for six days to try to meet the new deadline.

She said the utility company fell behind schedule in removing wires and poles for the project.

"We know how important this is to Matthews and Mint Hill to see this finished and we want to see it finished too," she said.

Thompson added the DOT had advised CMS that the project might not be done by the first day of school, and maybe longer.

"We are going to work with them if we need to rework routes, but our goal is not to have that be an issue."