CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Another sinkhole has opened at the old Coliseum Center mall on Independence Boulevard.

It was caused by a recent city water main break according to property owner Chris Bitterlin who said, "We are concerned about conditions."

This is the latest sinkhole to open at the all-but-deserted shopping center that was once a thriving mall.

In addition to the newest sinkhole, there are four more in another corner of the sprawling parking lot that cars still use to get to the two remaining businesses.

One of the sinkholes is so old there is a warning barrel in the bottom and a tree has sprouted in the hole.

Bitterlin said he is about to announce new development plans for the property and that would fix the issues with sinkholes for good.

Bitterlin also said once the new development begins, the parking lot would be closed off.

Paul Williams manages one of the two remaining stores that are still open.

He said as of now he does not feel the entire parking lot should be closed.

Asked what about people driving into come to his store, he said, "They shouldn't be in any of those parts of the parking lot."