CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Well, this is unfortunate.

Charlotte, despite its NASCAR roots, was named the worst city for drivers in North Carolina according to a recent Wallethub study, ranking behind fellow Tar Heel State cities Greensboro (3), Winston-Salem (7), Raleigh (10), and Durham (13).

We should mention that while Charlotte was at the bottom of the list for North Carolina, the Queen City came in at a respectable 24 nationally, ahead of southeastern cities Nashville, Memphis, and Atlanta.

Source: WalletHub

In the individual categories, Charlotte came in at No. 16 when it comes to "Cost of ownership & maintenance," but was middle of the road for traffic & infrastructure and safety.

The list ranked Corpus Christi, Texas as the best city to drive in and San Francisco as the worst. Click here to check out the full list.