CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Does your commute drive you crazy? We know ours sometimes does. So, The Defenders are testing the three most popular traffic apps, trying to figure out which one saves you time and hassle.

Who doesn’t hate traffic? No matter what time you leave or what route you take during rush-hours, you’re likely just stuck, but not early today, not if we can help it!

Michelle used the traffic app Waze, Mark used Apple Maps and I used Google maps. It’s not a race, but we are trying to get to 125 Cherry Street in uptown the quickest and with the least traffic hassle.

My route took me “east on 73 to 77.” My route and Mark's were virtually the same. You heard Michelle’s taking her west then south on 16-- her Waze route even alerting her to some roadkill that might slow her down. Boyle, having two people in the Chevy StormTracker, jumped in the HOV on 77.

At the finish, Mark, who cheated, was there first, likely because of his HOV stunt. Boudin got there second, a few minutes behind Boyle and I finished dead last, 10 minutes later than them using Google Maps.

We decided to give it another shot, this time from the south. We each used the same apps as before, Michelle on Waze, me on Google, and Mark on Apple. Ironically, Mark and I ended up on the exact same route. In fact, we passed each other-- make that I passed him.

And then there’s Michelle, she got re-routed trying to avoid traffic jams posted by other commuters which is what Waze is known for.

This time, I finished first, followed by Mark, in fact, we were almost dead even using Apple and Google.

But because Waze re-routed Michelle through that apartment complex, it cost her; she showed up last this time by more than 10 minutes.

We’d like you to try these three apps and then share your results from your morning commute on Twitter, tweet to @wcnc using #CLTAppTest.