The jury heard several testimonies on Friday as the state called three witnesses to the stand.

Wesley Houston, a security officer at Home Depot gave an account on his interactions with Ross and Leanna Harris that day. He claimed both of them were acting unusual under the circumstances which caught his attention. Ross, who never shared his personal life with Houston prior, informed him of his plans of going to the movies after work. Houston also claimed Leanna seemed to show no emotion when they watched breaking news of Cooper’s death.

Photos | Ross Harris trial day 6

Ross Harris enters the courtroom during the hot car death trial in south Georgia

The bulk of the day however was spent questioning and cross examining former detective Ray Yeager who at first claimed Harris had manually searched the term “childfree” on an app known as Reddit. As the day went on however, it was later revealed to the jury that neither this phrase nor any other phrases regarding a child’s death or hot car deaths were searched on Harris’ computer as officials had previously testified.

At the end of day the jury finally heard from Daniela Doerr, an escort who claimed to have had several sexual encounters with Harris a month before Cooper’s death. She referred to Harris as, “Very dumpy, a little bit overweight, a little bit on the hefty side…He just didn’t care about his appearance…”

Today the jury expects the hear testimony from an underage girl Harris allegedly communicated with.

Ross Harris is facing several charges, including malice murder and felony murder, in the death of his son, Cooper. The 22-month-old was found dead in the back of an SUV back in June 2014.

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