In the name of Halloween spirit, a new video has emerged of a girl deciding to perform a Halloween trick that goes awry.

In the video, a family is sitting down to carve their pumpkins. Rachel claims her pumpkin is large enough for her to fit her head inside.

The family laughs as Rachel shoves her head inside the pumpkin. But the funny joke turns to concern as they cannot get her head out.

"Do we need to call the fire department?" her father asks as he comes into the room. "I think it would be appropriate to call the fire department."

The video ends with her mother saying, "Stay tuned folks." However, another video shows Rachel with her head outside, rubbing her jaw.

"Why did you put your head in there?" her father asks. "I thought it would be funny," Rachel replied.

Thank you, Rachel for getting us in the Halloween spirit with a trick and treat.

Click here to watch on mobile.

Click here to watch on mobile.