CHARLOTTE, N.C. - For pet owners, not cleaning up after your dog is like committing a cardinal sin.

NoDa resident, Jesseca Turner, walks little Zoe every day.

"We see some leftovers. Just kind of stinky," she says.

But then, her apartment complex said they needed some doggy DNA.

"My expectation going in was oh this is kind of annoying or this is going to be a big process," she told NBC Charlotte.

"But I went in and it was really really quick. The guy had a swab, pulled it out, literally went inside her mouth just right inside. It took about five seconds."

Poop problems are piling up for the Mint Uptown Apartments too. They sent out an email earlier in the week and swabbed their resident's doggy DNA on Wednesday.

Experts say this is a last resort.

"We've realized there are some people that will never pick up until they realized are absolutely going to be caught," one expert said.

Jimmy Zuk, another NoDa apartment resident, says walking Cody used to be risky. "It's a lot that can accumulate in a short period of time," he says.

"You don't see it because of the tall grass, or dark at night. Then you're taking your shoes off to clean them."

But the complex has since started the poo prints program & charge their residents $150 for 'land mines' left behind.

"Since we got the dog DNA done the place is a lot cleaner. I guess everybody is afraid to get fined, so everyone picks up," said Zuk.