HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- It's not a plant and it's not even a bush but this weed is helping families in need.

The weed has grown inside of a traffic cone, across the street from the Huntersville Fire Station #2 on Beatties Ford Road.

The firefighters have embraced the weed, watching it grow from a young sprout to a sprucing, tree look-alike.

"Its sister cone is on this side, it's related to construction," said Bill Suthard, the public information officer with the Huntersville Fire Department.

The weed that made it's home in the orange cone is so popular, it earned the nickname "Cone Weed" and garnered more than 400 likes on a Facebook page.

The town of Huntersville has rallied around it's the weed so much, someone dropped off dessert for the firemen in the shape of a cone weed.

With the temps dropping, it's not as green as it used to be in the spring.

"Through the summer, it started to reach its peak and it almost looked like a tree at one point," said Suthard.

The brown weed is dying, unlikely to survive the December cold. So the people of Huntersville decided to get into the Holiday spirit before Thanksgiving.

The Cone Weed received a dressing fit for a Christmas tree. Presents at the bottom, ornaments hung, lights strung and a star to top it all off.

"It's a little early," said Suthard who went on to admit that he still loves the fact that it's getting people into the season of giving.

Someone even created Cone Weed t-shirts, with the proceeds going to families in need, and country recording artist David Britt took it upon himself to write and perform the "Cone Weed Christmas Song" on YouTube.

It's truly amazing how a little weed can grow into such a force of nature, spreading cheer and goodwill throughout the Huntersville community.