KENERSVILLE, N.C. - After three decades of changing from one bar to another, the old Bucked Up Salon in Kernersville poured its last drink. Leaving people thirsty for news about what’s coming next.

Josh Stahl knew what it should be as soon as he walked in the building.

“The first guess is almost always a strip club. And we say no no, let’s think other end of the spectrum,” he said.

Try a church. Yap Pastor Josh Stahl says the children’s worship area will go right here where, “they had dancing; this is where they had midget wrestling,” he said.

And the main worship area is the former VIP section which used to have a stripper pole.

“Honestly those are the people we want man. We’re not a church that pretends that any of us have it all together,” Stahl said. “The same people that would have been here on a Saturday night drinking and partying would be able to come in here Sunday morning and feel like they could connect.”

When construction finishes in March, Turning Point non-denominational church hopes the symbolism of the transformation hits home.

“We see that happen in people’s lives all the time where people are going in one direction and god gets ahold of them and creates a turning point,” he said. “It exemplifies the idea of restoration.”

Right now the church group is meeting in a temporary space. They are currently meeting at Countryside Cinemas in Kernersville at 10:30 Sunday mornings. That’s 755 Cinema Ct, Kernersville, NC 27284.

Ben Briscoe WFMY News 2