SALISBURY, N.C. -- It's not exactly a crime that makes you shutter. A Salisbury man was caught on camera, stealing a gutter!

Nathaniel Lynn, 38, was arrested in Canton, N.C. on Thursday morning and being is held in Haywood County, after police say he stole copper gutters from two homes and a church.

Lynn is charged with a felony and two misdemeanors. He's being held on a $10,000 bond, according to Cpt. Sheila Lingle of Salisbury Police.

As of May 9, copper cost $2.49 per pound and when it goes missing in a town like Salisbury (population: 34,017), people notice.

A detective with the Salisbury Police Department told NBC Charlotte that Lynn has a history of stealing scrap metal.

"The subject was banned last year, exactly a year ago, from a local recycle center in Rowan County," said the detective.

After striking and stealing in the midnight hours of May 1, Lynn returned to the recycle center.

"This time he attempted to do the same thing and he was stopped by the store and asked to leave."

The police obtained a picture of Lynn from the Recycle Center, which matched the description of the suspect who was caught on one of the victim's home security camera.

Police say Lynn was after copper, but he made a mistake while robbing one of the residences.

"The aluminum was painted to appear of the way of a copper material and the subject assumed that was copper, pending the time of day."

Lynn was after copper, but the family's security system proved to be gold in providing the police enough evidence to identify the suspect.