GREENVILLE, N.C. - One man's confusion at the grocery store about the difference between a vegetable and a dairy product has gone viral this week after a fellow shopper live-tweeted a hilarious exchange between the man and an employee.

At what was later found out to be a Harris Teeter in the Greenville area, a man was not pleased to find out that the two lbs of cubed cheese he bought at the store was actually diced butternut squash, which is in season during the late summer months.

Fortunately for the Internet, SBNation staffer James Dator, of Greenville, N.C. was there to watch the whole ordeal go down, and documented the frantic conversation live on twitter.

Determined to set things right, the man went straight back to the supermarket after realizing the mistake to exchange the "rabbit food" for the cubed cheddar. It gets even crazier from there.

Even after the store staff offered to give him a refund, the man demanded to be repaid in the cheese he was looking for, despite the store not selling cheese cut into cubes.

Read James Dator's hilarious recalling of the exchange below.