CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Snakes on social media seem to be all the buzz this spring. 

Monday, a photo sent to NBC Charlotte from a viewer displayed what looks like a writhing ball of snakes!

"The first thing I did was take out my phone and take a picture," said Christine Proffitt.

Proffitt was all smiles during the interview, but in the heat of the moment, that wasn't the case.

"I was pretty terrified," said Proffitt.

Christine runs the same path on the Little Sugar Creek Greenway with her dog just about every day. What she saw Monday morning was so unbelievable she just had to snap a snake pic.

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"Everyday I see four or five snakes every time, but I've never seen 10 to 20 all balled up like that," said Proffitt.  "No one's going to believe if I didn't take a picture. So, pics or it didn't happen."

Animal experts say snake season is heating up and like the temperatures sightings are on the rise. A viewer sent in a picture of a water snake along the Four Mile Creek Greenway in Matthews. 

Allen Eckman with A-1 Wildlife Control says it's snake mating season.

"One time under the crawl space it was three copperheads, which are venomous and the other times it was three black snakes," said Eckman.

"Inside someone's home?" 

"The three black snakes were in the attic," said Eckman.

Eckman says while most snakes aren't venomous don't get too close.

"Stay away from the sharp end," said Eckman. "Call a professional."