Steph Curry joined NBC Charlotte on Thursday from the American Century Championship near Lake Tahoe.

The annual event is full of sports celebrities, including Charlotte's own two-time NBA Champion.

Curry spoke to Sports Director Nick Carboni about golf, his second title, and his favorite NFL team -- the Carolina Panthers

Nick: You're playing in a Tour event next month. How's your game looking?

Steph: It's OK right now. I've got three weeks before that tournament. It's not practice for me because I'm taking it really seriously. But this is a good warm up to the professional ranks. I'm very honored for the opportunity.

Nick: We all saw the offseason addition of Kevin Durant and thought plug-and-play, easy title. What were the challenges associated with a star-studded roster, and when did it finally click?

Steph: Everybody sees the product on the court and understands we have a lot of talented players throughout our roster. Around January/February we started to hit our stride. Understanding how everybody can be aggressive, and I call it 'the best version of themselves.' Not have to sacrifice everything and we were off to the races.

Nick: Your Carolina Panthers, will they be like the 2015 version and get back to the Super Bowl?

Steph: Maybe even better. I don't want to limit them to what they did in 2015 because there's another step. Excited to see Cam do his thing as he comes back from his offseason injuries and be even stronger. Christian McCaffrey should be a great addition for him. I'm looking forward to seeing them in September (at the season opener). I'll be their biggest fan at the stadium in Santa Clara.