CHARLOTTE - NBC Charlotte Sports Director Nick Carboni caught up with former Charlotte 49ers defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi ahead of the NFL Draft.

Ogunjobi, who was part of the program's first recruiting class, should be its first selection in the NFL Draft, too.

Ogunjobi is projected to go anywhere from the second to fourth rounds.

Nick: What part of your game are focusing on the most?

Larry: The biggest thing is always going to be working on my hands, my hips, my placement, and how I’m attacking the ball. All the workouts I’ve had I’ve tried to take a piece from every coach. What they coached me up on. What they told me I need to work on, get better at. 

Nick: You seemed to really enjoy the NFL Combine. What was that experience like?

Larry: I enjoyed the entire process. I look back and that was probably one of the funnest moments that I’ve had in my entire life. A lot of people think the combine is what you see on TV, but there’s a lot of stuff that goes on as far as the medical stuff, and the media and the interviews. You’re going to sleep late and getting up really early.

They’re trying to see if you’re mentally tough enough. It was fun. Every year I watched the combine from the gym, watched the guys get drafted from the gym, so to be there this year was a big blessing.

Nick: Are you nervous for the draft?

Larry: My agent doesn’t tell me where I’m projected. I don’t even listen to all the mock drafts and that kind of stuff. At the end of the day my motto has always been, it’s not where you go it’s what you do there. You’ve got guys who got drafted in the later rounds who ended up being some of the best players. You’ve got guys that were drafted early who don’t really pan out. It’s all about taking your opportunity and making the most out of it and that’s what I’m going to do.

Nick: Are you going to watch the draft?

Larry: Of course! Why not? I’ve watched it all the time. I watched it every year and I wasn’t in the draft, so I’ve got to watch it.

I’ll probably watch it here. I like to keep it at home just because you’ve got to keep it rooted.