CHARLOTTE - New Hornets center Dwight Howard was introduced to Charlotte on Monday after a surprising trade.

The 8-time All-Star is now with his fifth team in 13 seasons, and third in three years. He's ready to prove doubters wrong.

And he also came prepared with a teal-colored suit.

NBC Charlotte Sports Director Nick Carboni chatted 1-on-1 with Howard.

Nick: You had this teal suit hanging in your closet already?

Dwight: I did and I said 'wow, this is really in my closet?' It shocked me that the colors go with the same color as the team. Some people say I look good in teal so I can't wait to put the jersey on and represent this city and this team.

Nick: I know you were surprised to be traded from Atlanta, but how excited were you to play for the Hornets?

Dwight: I was very excited. I had an awesome time in Atlanta. It didn't end the way we wanted it to end. But there's no need to look back. I'm very thankful for that opportunity. But I'm happy to be here in Charlotte. I think this team has potential to contend with the Clevelands and the Golden States. I'm just looking forward to the opportunity. I think with what we have in the locker room, with the coaching staff and the owner, we have a good opportunity.

Nick: What was the conversation like with owner Michael Jordan?

Dwight: I've watched tons of Michael Jordan videos so hearing his voice, even now I'm getting the jitters. Just hearing him talk and saying 'We wanted you, we believe in you, I believe in you. We think you have a lot of basketball left in you. You want to prove something, I want to prove something.' That really just fired me up. Something about Michael Jordan saying 'I believe in you.'

Nick: What are some common misconceptions about you and your career and what do you have left to prove to some of your doubters?

Dwight: People said that I don't take the game serious and I'm a bad teammate and a cancer. And I hate hearing those things. This game has been a passion of mine my whole life. I love teammates and I love people. It's just kind of weird when people say I'm great in the community but bad in the locker room. That just doesn't add up. I'm just looking forward to proving people wrong. Showing that I have a lot in the tank and can still play this game at a high level. And the best of me is yet to be seen.

Nick: Can Charlotte fit two "Supermans" with you and Cam Newton?

Dwight: I think we'll be great together. I think there's a lot of stuff we can do in the community. One thing for sure is that we're both very passionate about winning and supporting the teams and supporting the community.