CHARLOTTE - The Charlotte Hornets pulled off a draft night trade, and landed FSU G/F Dwayne Bacon in the second round on Thursday.

Bacon, a 6-foot-7 guard/forward, sat down with NBC Charlotte's Kelsey Riggs on Friday.

KELSEY: What was (getting traded on draft night) like. Did you know at the time?

DWAYNE: Not at that time but I was just blessed to hear my name called. At that point it didn't matter who I was going to, I was excited to get my name called.

Had to ask him what comes to mind now when he hears Dwayne Wade 😄🥓#hornets #fsu #buzzcity #bacon #nba

— Kelsey Riggs (@KelseyRiggsWCNC) June 23, 2017

KELSEY: What do you know about Charlotte? You said earlier you know Cam Newton is here. Are you a fan?

DWAYNE: I'm definitely a fan of Cam. I hope he's watching this. I hope he sees this. I know he's here. The football team is here, the basketball team is here. I'm excited to see how the fans are. We've got some great fans. I'm excited to play.

KELSEY: Do you get tired of people talking about your last name?

DWAYNE: Not at all. It's a blessing. When I was younger I hated it. As I grew up, the name grew on me. People weren't going to stop calling me that because it was my name, so I just got used to it.

KELSEY: I've seen some of the bacon costumes (at FSU games) do you think you're going to bring some of that here?

DWAYNE: I hope so. I hope we get some great fans to bring some bacon costumes. I want to see it.