MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Each week, former Charlotte Country Day student William Byron walks through dozens of cars in the shop and underneath the rows of banners hanging from the rafters at Dale Jr. Motorsports.

He already has his name on one of the flags that’s hanging, and two more are already on the way. His number nine Axalta Chevrolet Camaro has a little added flair as well.

The car that he won at Daytona in still looks like it did in victory lane with red and silver confetti covering the windshield.

“Some of it’s on my shoes still, so it’s kind of funny,” Byron said.

The confetti is still fresh and so it the memory of winning at one of NASCAR’s most iconic tracks.

“You never know when it’s going to come at Daytona. You never know when those wins are going to happen, but it was a lot of fun,” Byron said.

It was Byron’s second straight Xfinity Series win; his first came at Iowa.

“To get the first win was really cool. It kind of set us on a high note for the rest of the season and took some pressure off of us,” he explained.

The former Charlotte Country Day student has been busy since then with is fan base growing and big name drivers backing his talents.

The biggest driver of them all is in his corner as well. Byron drives for Jr. Motorsports and Rick Hendrick, and as Dale Earnhardt Jr. wraps up his final season full time, the NASCAR community can’t help but wonder if Byron will be the guy who gets to fill his seat.

“It definitely is humbling to hear some of those talks and everything, but right now I’m just focused on this championship and try to do the best I can so I can put my name out there,” Byron said.

It’s a goal that isn’t far off. Byron is second in the standings and has five top five finishes to go along with his two wins this year.

“I have both the checkered flags and keep a collection,” Byron said.

He’s quick to remind you though, that outside the car he’s still a 19-year-old following his dreams.

“At first it’s just having fun and enjoying it,” Byron said.

While also living at home with his mom and dad.

“Sometimes I joke my dad is so into it now, he’s watching all the races all weekend, and I’m like dad seriously can we just watch something else,” he laughed.

And spending time with friends.

“They can’t believe what I’ve been out there doing,” Byron said.

And working hard to get back to victory lane.

“For me, myself, it’s been a crazy transition. I’m just trying to enjoy every step and take it in,” he said.