CHARLOTTE - The last time Cam Newton met with the media, he gave reporters just about a minute and a half, before brooding off after the Panthers 41-38 loss to the Saints.

On Wednesday, Newton seemed as effervescent as ever, waxing poetic for about 20 minutes discussing the team's slow start, opening up about his recent concussion, and even answering reporter's cell phones.


On what message the team needs to hear entering the Arizona game, 1-5...

Cam: "We don't need no messages. We're out of things that need to be said. We're out of rah-rah speeches. Everybody is saying believe...listen...we've got to win. That's it. We don't need no rah-rah speech for someone to say 'oh it was because of this, it was because of that.

"No. We know exactly what we've got to do, and that's win."


On hit Cam took in Atlanta, which gave him a concussion and prevented him playing against Tampa Bay. Newton eased up as he crossed the goal line on a two-point conversion.

Cam: "Run through the damn end zone, Cam and everything will be alright. After talking to Jackie Newton (his mother), that won't happen again."

"I hope people learn from it because Lord knows I've learned from it."


In this day and age reporters often use their iPhones to record interviews, and leave them at the podium during press conferences. This often leads to moments like this...