CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- County Manager Dina Diorio has abruptly canceled a meeting next week between members of the County Commission and officials of Major League Soccer.

In an email to Commission members obtained by NBC Charlotte, Diorio does not say why the meeting is being canceled, only that it will be rescheduled at "a more opportune time."

The meeting was canceled following some back and forth over whether the meeting with commissioners would be behind closed doors or open to the public. Although, nobody is saying who, if anyone, wanted the meeting closed.

Commissioner Pat Cotham, who said the meeting should be open, says Diorio's move proves the point.

"I think that it confirms that there was never an intention to have it be a public meeting," said Cotham.

The county and the city of Charlotte are debating spending taxpayer dollars to help fund a new $175 million proposed stadium near the campus of Central Piedmont Community College in Elizabeth.

The city of Charlotte announced Monday that the city's staff and election officials will not participate in the meeting with MLS officials on Tuesday.

Republican member Ed Driggs says when it comes time for public hearings, that's when the meetings need to be open, not now.

"I don't think every conversation we have with MLS or its private partner needs to be conducted in public," said Driggs.

Driggs, like Cotham, is not fully onboard with the idea of a new stadium.

"I would have my doubts about whether it is a good use of city money but I don't like to make a final decision until I have all of the information Driggs said.

Next week, the City Council Committee on Economic Development will meet and the only item on the agenda will be the soccer stadium plan.