The Georgia Bulldogs went on the road to face the Kentucky Wildcats, and it was broadcast on SEC Network.

However, Alabama and LSU were playing at the same time on CBS. SEC Network's announcers, Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger, could not stop talking about the Alabama game.

Throughout much of the game, they would stop talking about the action on the field between the Bulldogs and Wildcats to give an update on the competing game that wasn't even on their network.

They even tossed to their sideline reporter, Kaylee Hartung, who gave an update on the Alabama-LSU game while standing on the sideline at Kentucky. Weird.

People who watched the UGA-Kentucky game were likely fans of one of the two schools. If not, they probably would have watched the other game since it was a bigger, more anticipated match-up.

Fans got fed up with the constant updates and called the network out on social media.

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