CHARLOTTE, N.C. - You probably saw the pictures of pop star Justin Bieber all over Facebook Tuesday. If history tells us anything, we're going to have more celebrity sightings in Charlotte over next couple days.

"Grandma saw just Bieber," said Nancy Wilson.

Quail Hollow is no Red Carpet, but it's already bringing out America's biggest stars. The Bieb's made a surprise stop at Tuesday's PGA Championship practice round.

"The highlight of my day," said Wilson. "All the teenagers were taking pictures like mad."

Fans posed for selfies and took Snapchat of the Bieber.

"Was going to watch some golf drink some beers then it was like Justin Bieber's here now I'm interested," said a Justin Bieber fan.

The Biebs likely not the only star on the green this week. Two-time NBA Champion and Charlotte native Steph Curry could swing by. Maybe he'll invite his new BFF Justin Timberlake. And get this, Curry might be the second best basketball player of all time at the PGA Championship. Michael Jordan, the "Greatest of All Time," is a golf aficionado. He's certainly no stranger to the links.

Riverboat Ron already rolled through the pro shop. He's played Quail Hollow before. And if he's there, why not the Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton?

He's been known to dance to Justin Bieber during warm-ups. Still, some say the Justin Bieber sighting takes the cake.

"Might see Steph Curry, I expect to see those folks," said Wilson. "Ron Rivera, those people are all out here, but not Justin Bieber. It was fun."