CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Golf's biggest stars won't tee off at Quail Hollow until Wednesday for the PGA Championship but the fan experience started Saturday, with the 43,000 square-foot pro shop opening to the public.

"It's just a great overall experience," said Michael Quirk, senior director of merchandising and licensing for PGA of America.

The shop is open through next Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

It's open to the public for free but Quirk said you will need to park at Charlotte Catholic High School and take a shuttle bus over to the shop.

The gigantic tent is a golfer's dream; from shirts and shorts to socks and shoes.

"What don't we have?" said Quirk.

Evan West trying out some licensed PGA gear. Photo via NBC Charlotte.

Apparently enough for an NFL coach to stop by. Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera spotted browsing the shop, Quirk said.

"What did Ron Rivera buy?" Asked NBC Charlotte reporter Evan West.

"He was roaming around," Quirk said. "I didn't see his final purchase but he was bouncing around to every pad. What a great guy though! Wish the best to the Panthers."

There is so much to explore, it's like losing a golf ball on a par 4 hole.

Officials estimate they will sell 60,000 polo shirts before the tournament ends. Quirk says when Monday rolls around, they expect 15 hats to be purchased per minute based on past sales.