CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It's been a roller coaster of weather at the PGA Championship throughout the week.

From rain to humidity -- the fans have weathered it all.

"Just brought an umbrella in case it rains," said one fan spotted with one at Quail Hollow.

"Just brought a raincoat," said another. "Not too worried about it."

For golf fans at Quail Hollow, packing for the PGA championship means being ready for any kind of weather.

"Well, we have our cute, new rain boots," said one fan with her daughter alongside. "But we want to stay cool so we have to have this outfit with the boots."

The ground, muddy and wet from all the rain. And the air, thick with humidity.

But these aren't fair-weather fans…nothing will prevent them from watching Charlotte's first major championship.

"Probably just wait it out, I mean this is a once in a lifetime chance so I'll probably just wait it out with the raincoat," said one fan.