MINT HILL, N.C. -- Tamia Nance truly shows what team spirit is all about. Not only team spirit for Rocky River High School, but also for her squad.

When the last bell rings at Rocky River High School, the halls begin to boom because that’s when the cheerleaders spread out and speak up.

“Right now we’re working with JV for the upcoming pep rally for homecoming next,” said Nance.

The varsity cheerleader for the Ravens may look like a model, but more importantly, she’s a role model.

“She is a role model and a lot of them look up to her,” said coach Orene Dixon, who nominated Nance for NBC Charlotte's Student-Athlete of the Week series.

“I just like being there for them as like a big sister. Not just with cheerleading, but also being there if they need help or an uplifted spirit,” Nance shared.

That kind of support is much needed as the squads prepare for their big homecoming performances.

“Oh yeah, it’s very big. We’ve got to prep for the game and pep rally, so it’s two big things in a little bit of time. We just had a pep rally so it’s double. We’re learning new cheers and a new routine and everything, but it’s fun because it’s bonding time,” she said.

With that positive attitude, there’s no doubt that they’ll be ready to rock.

“We pump the squad up, pump each other up and pump the crowd up,” said Nance.

While the squad looks up to Tamia, she was still surprised when our camera showed up.

“It means a lot because I would have never thought they would have picked me,” she said, humbly.

In addition to her cheerleading squad, which she calls a sisterhood, Nance says her favorite thing about Rocky River High is the awesome teachers who work there. After graduation, she hopes to attend college and get a degree in nursing and child development.