CHARLOTTE, N.C. - As the NBA Draft approaches the Hornets are weighing their options, and there are many.

Rich Cho addressed the media Friday, and generally speaking, the bench was a big talking point.

"We want to improve the depth," Cho said. "We need a backup point guard. We need some more depth at the big spot. We could use another wing. We could use some more shooting."

The skills Cho listed suggest the Hornets could pick a player at any position. The Hornets hold the 11th and 41st picks. Cho thinks the 2017 class is deep at several different positions.

“That’s why I think we’ll get a really good player at 11 and a guy who can help us at 41. I think it’s really deep at the top of the draft at the backcourt spot. I think it’s deep at a lot of different positions. If you look in the middle of the first, you look at a lot of bigs that could go in that area. And then you’ve got some wing help also that the draft is deep in. So, I think it’s deep everywhere. I think you’ll get a good player in the mid-second round. There might not be a lot of difference between, say, pick 27 and pick 41.”

The Hornets hosted another six-player workout on Friday. ACC big men John Collins (Wake Forest) and Tony Bradley (UNC) were in attendance.

"It's a crazy process, traveling all across the country, trying out for different teams," Collins said. "It is a dream come true when you realize you've been looking up to. Now you're in their facilities training in front of all their GMs."

The process has probably been even crazier for Bradley. He helped the Tar Heels to a national championship in April, and then declared for the draft.

"Busy. I've been grinding ever since the last game of the season," Bradley said. "I didn't take a break. I knew I wanted to get better, and I feel like I've done a great job so far."

Wake Forest and North Carolina played once this past season, but Collins and Bradley didn't have a big impact on the game. The two big men combined for 10 points and seven rebounds in that outing.

Even though they're both ACC guys, they were relatively unfamiliar with each other heading into the workout.

"I feel like that was very helpful," Bradley said. "He's one of the best guys I've gone against in workouts. I feel like it helped me a lot."

"He's obviously good," Collins said. "He's a shot-alterer. You have to be methodical with the way you approach things. You definitely have to be smart. I used my athleticism to my advantage, and try to make smart plays around his length."