CHARLOTTE - The Charlotte 49ers picked up their first Conference USA win on Sunday, defeating Florida Atlantic, 28-23 on the road.

The difference could have been a change at quarterback.

Head Coach Brad Lambert went with Central Cabarrus alumnus Hasaan Klugh over previous starter Kevin Olsen, a transfer from Miami.

Klugh, a redshirt sophomore, accounted for all four 49er touchdowns, throwing for three, and running for one.

He was named Conference USA Offensive Player of the Week.

"It doesn't surprise you if you know the way he's prepared," said Lambert. "He's been really level the whole time. He hasn't been up or down. He works extremely hard every day and that's why we had confidence in the change."

Running back Kalif Phillips, who played at A.L. Brown, said Klugh changed the way the defense played the 49ers offense.

"It gave the defense more to look for and more respect towards him," said Phillips, who ran for 132 yards. "He's really fast on his feet. He can throw. He's a dual threat quarterback and that gave us a lot of options and opened up a lot of things for us."

Charlotte hosts Florida International University Saturday at 6 p.m.