SOPHIA, N.C. -- The Carolina Panthers are getting ready for an important game against the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, but as the players prepare, so does one fan who says he's the team's lucky charm.

Gary Kight is one of the Panthers' biggest fans. He doesn't always get to see his team play in person, but when he does, things usually go well.

"I'm 12-0. I think I'm worth something," he said.

Kight has been to 12 Panthers games over the years, and he's never seen the team lose in person.

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Last season, he was at the NFC Divisional playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, and the NFC Championship against the Arizona Cardinals. Of course, the Panthers won both games.

Unfortunately, he was not at the Super Bowl, as the Panthers lost to the Denver Broncos.

This season, the Panthers went on a four-game losing streak before taking on the Arizona Cardinals in Charlotte. Kight was at that game, and the Panthers won 30-20.

"I have a lot of confidence in my team," he said. "And, I thought that we couldn’t count the Panthers out quite yet."

Kight says he believes in his team -- and his streak -- no matter what.

"I'm going to pull for my team win or lose, whether I'm at the games or not," he said. "I love to go and support my home state team. I love watching my team win, and luckily, every time I go, I get to see them win."

Kight says he realizes how special his streak is, and he hopes the team notices one day.

"It is really unique. A lot of people won't be able to say that. I personally wish the Panthers knew about it," he laughed.

Good news for Panthers fans: Kight and his family have tickets to Sunday's game against the Chiefs.

If you don't have your own tickets, you can grab a seat on the couch and enjoy the game on WFMY News 2. Kickoff is set for 1 p.m. Sunday.