CHARLOTTE - Robert McClain is already well-known for his artistic ability.

He's even got an impressive website where you can view some of his pieces, which include portraits of Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac, and President Obama.

But the Panthers defensive back has recently been exploring a new canvas -- sneakers.

"I get bored of my art sometimes," the Panthers cornerback said Wednesday. "So I like switching it up sometimes."

McClain's latest work is displayed on his white Vans shoes, which are now decorated with spot on images of skateboarding decals.

"I typed in skateboarding decals (in to Google) and doodled away," he said.

McClain says he has been drawing and painting since he was in the fourth grade. He sells his art, including to teammates.

His current project is also shoe related -- a portrait of every single Air Jordan sneaker.

It's for teammate Thomas Davis.

"I'm only on seven," McClain said, "because I got bored a little bit."

McClain says art is a passion, and a therapy.

"It’s relaxing," he said. "It’s a way I can get away from things and do something positive with my time instead of going out there and drinking and partying. It’s a good outlet."

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