CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The President of Major League Soccer and other officials toured Charlotte today with an eye towards possibly expanding the league with a team for the Queen City.

"It was a positive visit," said league President, Abbott, who said the officials had toured the city, including the proposed site for the stadium on the grounds of what is now Memorial Stadium in Elizabeth.

The cost of the stadium is expected to be $175,000 and Abbott made clear if there is no new stadium, the league would definitely go elsewhere.

Because of concerns about having closed door meetings, both the city of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County cancelled scheduled meetings that had been set for today.

Asked for his reaction, Abbott said, "That is the decision they made. We were asked to come here and learn about Charlotte."

Abbott said he hoped to hold meeting with public officials at a later date.

County Commissioner Pat Cotham had argued for any meetings to be open to the public and said she just could not justify the county spending money at this time for a stadium.

Cotham said, "I never have anybody who is out of a job or who needs housing say, "Oh, please build a soccer stadium for a billionaire."

A rally was held in First Ward Park early Tuesday evening to show support for soccer in Charlotte.