Haywood Ferguson is a coach’s dream. For South Meck track coach Ben Miller, it’s more of a reality.

“When I look at an athlete, I don’t just look at the ability,” Miller said. “I look at the coach-ability, and their ability to be molded into a better person, and a better athlete. He’s easy. He’s like wet clay.”

Well-rounded clay. Ferguson has a challenging workload at school, but it doesn’t stop him from swimming, running cross-country and track. Not to mention his other favorite activities, mountain biking and ultimate frisby. 

“I just like to be active,” Ferguson said. “I’ve always liked to be active. Just doing as much as I can, it’s just more fun to me.

Miller says it’s his approach that allows him to juggle everything on his plate.

“He is just able to get things done quickly, and he does it right the first time, which is not unlike what he does out here,” Miller said.  “He does something, he says he’s going to do it, and he does it.

During track season he does just about everything. South Meck’s fastest distance runner, Ferguson has run sprint races, the 400 meter, 800 meter, mile and two mile.

“He wants to do the pole vault, but I’m afraid he’ll get hurt,” Miller said.

Better to stay injury free, especially if he pursues running in college.  

“I’m probably like 90 percent sure I want to run in college,” Ferguson said. “I’ve been looking at a couple schools. Maybe NC State, maybe Virginia Tech, and maybe Naval Academy.”

All three are pretty good options. Ferguson says he plans to major in engineering.