CHARLOTTE- For Jonathan Stewart, hosting a football camp for kids is more than just a weekend of giving back.

"Me growing up, never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would have a professional athlete come teach me how to play football," Stewart said.

He grew up in Olympia, Washington and said it was too far a trip for the Seahawks to make. His lack of experience with these camps when he was younger is part of why he enjoys spending the weekend at Hopewell High School.

"You reflect on certain things like that. June is a good time to remind yourself of how blessed you are and the position you're in and remember where you came from," Stewart said.

This particular year is a little more special for the Panthers running back. It's his first time hosting a football camp for kids since his daughter was born.

"Me having my daughter makes me realize even more so how important it is to have somebody in a child's life that they can look up to, and just to be a good role model and preach positive things into these kids lives as much as possible," Stewart said.

He was joined at his two day camp by Panthers star linebacker Luke Kuechly.

"That's what this Panthers organization is all about. We harp on family. Coach Rivera does a good job of making sure family comes first and we think of our teammates as family," Stewart explained.