SPARTANBURG, SC - The concerning study that shows 99% of former NFL players have a degenerative brain disease is a topic of conversation at the league's training camps as they open this week.

The study, done by the Journal of the American Medical Association and released by the New York Times on Tuesday, looked at the brains of 111 former NFL players, and found that 110 had C.T.E. -- chronic traumatic encephalopathy

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, entering his 12th season, was candid when asked about the study on Wednesday.

"We definitely talked about it," he said. "It's alarming. We are paying really close attention to it as players.

Davis went so far as to say the study made him "nervous." But Davis doesn't point the blame at anyone.

"We did make a decision and chose to play this game," said Davis "You're so passionate and love it so much. You continue to do it and do it the right way. The league and NFLPA has tried to come up with solutions. With the new concussion protocol we have now is a good start to improving the lives of players after the game."

Davis said that he and his wife, Kelly, have had discussions about their two boys -- ages 13 and 9 -- continuing to play football.

"We talk about it often," said Davis. "I go out to their practices and I'm watching what the coaches are teaching them. I think the coaches at the level they're playing at are doing a really good job of teaching them how to tackle and keep their heads up. I feel confident in letting them play knowing that they're teaching it that way."