CHARLOTTE, N.C. - "There’s something about the triple jump that’s pretty," Charlotte Christian Track and Field Coach Eugene Robinson said.

Pretty if done properly. As its name suggests the triple jump is a combination of three jumps in one sequence.

"It takes speed," Robinson said. "It takes aggressiveness, but it takes technique and control."

Josh Eboboko and Sam Korolos are the top two triple jumpers at Charlotte Christian. For Korolos, it’s his first year competing in the event.

"When I first started I didn’t understand that you actually have to control your speed," Korolos said.  "For the long jump, it’s just run as fast as you can and jump up."

Korolos and Eboboko’s coach, Robinson, expects both of them to make a run at the school record.

"Last year he [Robinson] did the same thing," Eboboko said. "I jumped like 42 [feet] last year, when I was jumping 40. He said, ‘42’. I said, ‘what?’ This year, he’s saying 46, so I believe him."

"He’s definitely the most motivational coach I’ve ever had," Korolos said.  "Pushing you to your ultimate limits, and making sure that he gets everything that you have inside of you, out of you."

That goes for life off the track too. Although Robinson is a 16-year NFL veteran, he stresses the importance of the academic arena.

"Sports only last a little time," Robinson said. "So what are you going to do the rest of your life? That’s where they excel at. That’s where they have a mature answer, because they know that the academic side is going to get them through."

"Sports isn’t everything," Eboboko said.  "You could get injured any time, and when you’re injured you have to have something to fall back on."