CHARLOTTE- Thomas Davis’ favorite car is a souped-up version of the first car he ever had. His Panthers’ inspired 1975 Chevy is hard to miss. It’s a blue Chevy Caprice convertible with the Panthers’ “Keep Pounding” motto, his jersey number and Carolina’s logo sprinkled throughout.

It’s also more than a small step up from the ’85 Chevy he first drove.

“It’s a car I did a couple years ago just to commemorate my career with the Panthers. It’s probably my favorite right now because of all the detail and just what that car means to me,” Davis said.

That car along with Davis’ Rolls Royce Wraith, and his Georgia colored Ford SuperDuty pickup truck will be on display Saturday at his third annual Ultimate Queen City Car and Bike Show at The Park Expo.

“That’s one of the reasons we decided to the car show, because I’m passionate about cars and passionate about helping out in the community,” Davis said.

The proceeds from the event go to Davis’ Defending Dreams Foundation , an organization that strives to help students develop skills that will make them the leaders of tomorrow.

“It just makes everything that we do in the community worth it, when you’re able to go and put smiles on moms faces, put smiles on kids faces, that’s really what it’s all about,” Davis said.

Tickets for the events are still on sale here.

*Special thanks to Charlotte Vibe for video.*