CHARLOTTE - The Charlotte 49ers fans are spelling out exactly what they want -- in chalk around campus, with signs and with signs.

"There's really not much future happening here," said student Andrew Burnett. "We were just really disappointed."

Many fans, students and alumni were disappointed Monday when long-time athletic director Judy Rose chose to retain football coach Brad Lambert despite a 1-11 season.

Students like Burnett are upset about paying $824 a year in mandatory athletic fees and getting a subpar product.

"I think every UNC Charlotte student and alum should be passionate about it. It's their money funding this program and they should care," said Burnett.

Rose is in her 27th year as Athletic Director, along the way she oversaw some success in men's basketball and helped usher in the 5-year old football program.

But men's basketball has not been to the NCAA Tournament since 2005, and the football program has seemingly regressed in just its third year in at the FBS level.

"The performance has taken a dive and the enthusiasm has taken a dive," said Burnett.

While she doesn't have support from some of the fan base she does has the support of her employer.

University Chancellor Philip Dubois told WCNC on Thursday: "As I look back over my 12.5 years here, we have certainly faced challenging times. Men's basketball is the best example of a program that rather suddenly became non-competitive when it had once enjoyed success. But the change in the performance of that program could hardly be attributed to the Athletic Director who, in fact, had selected successful coaches and created the conditions for success."

But that's an opinion certainly up for debate.

"Her attitude towards winning and her attitude towards success and her attitude towards students and alumni shows that she's really comfortable in her job and we really need to shake things up," said Burnett.