CHAPEL HILL - For the first time since a horrifying wreck, UNC basketball player Luke Maye relived the accident.

"I let go of the wheel and kind of tensed up a little bit," he said, "and made sure I braced for impact."

And somehow Maye is still walking around just fine in Chapel Hill one week after colliding with a tractor trailor on I-85.

"Just felt myself go up in the air a little bit and I rolled up the bank and down the bank," said the Huntersville native and Hough High School grad. "I ended up on the top of my car."

Maye was traveling home for his little brother's graduation at Huntersville Elementary.

"My family is really tight," Maye said. "Just the feeling of not being able to see them again was definitely pretty scary."

The family who witnessed his heroic shot in Memphis to beat Kentucky in the Elite 8 just a few months ago now got the scare of a lifetime.

"It was a long hug that's for sure," Maye said of seeing his mother, Aimee. "I told her on the phone and she was at a loss for words for sure. Just very thankful for sure."

Maye's dad Mark, a former Tar Heels quarterback, met him at the scene.

"t was great to see my Dad and he came over and just hugged me," he said.

Lucky enough to walk away with just a few bruises and get ready for his junior season.

Luckier to be alive.

"I feel like the good Lord has a plan for everyone, when their time has come," he said. "Thankfully my time is still yet to be determined. I really hope that I continue to live through Him and utilize everything that he's given me."