CHARLOTTE, N.C. - He broke the county single-game scoring record with 63 points, and he’s Vance High School’s all-time leading scorer, but Cam Hamilton’s impact on the Cougars is best felt beyond the box score.

“He’s a 3.7 GPA student,” Vance basketball coach Brian Frasier said. “He’s a leader on the court, and a leader in the classroom. He’s set the example as a student-athlete.”

Hamilton says it’s simple, perform off the court or he wouldn’t the chance to perform on it.

“My father always said ‘if you don’t have the grades, you’re not going to be able to play basketball’,” Hamilton said. “I love basketball so much, I wouldn’t dare take that for granted.”

Hamilton is still undecided about his college plans. Although he has some division two and low division one offers, he’s mostly flown under the radar.

“A lot of coaches haven’t been able to see the value in him, because of his size,” Frasier said. “But his heart is the size of his body, and he plays like it.”

A self-described 5-foot-11 on a good day, the underdog role is a familiar one.

“When I was younger, I was always the smaller guy,” Hamilton said. “It makes me play harder. Everybody else is bigger, so I have to prove myself.”

Although he’s still testing the recruiting waters, the goal hasn’t changed.

“Of course play college basketball, and just get the best education possible for free.”

Until then, don’t count on Hamilton taking any days off.