CHARLOTTE - As the Panthers prepare to depart for the west coast for an important two-game stretch against the Raiders and Seahawks, they reflected on what they're thankful for and, of course, their favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Ron Rivera, coach: "(His wife) Stephanie does the whole thing. Turkey, ham, stuffing, gravy, cranberry, pumpkin pie, rolls. Then she'll make a couple of non-traditional side dishes that are my favorite. I do love white rice that she makes and I'll use that instead of the mashed potatoes. I love stuffing and the cranberries."

Kelvin Benjamin, WR: "We're from down south Florida, it's more rabbit, duck. We don't eat that much turkey on Thanksgiving. But I love my mom's stuffing. My mom's here. I'm looking forward to it. They brought (the duck) up."

Kony Ealy, DE: "Greens, yams, and mac and cheese. I'm not picky, whatever's on the table."

Mike Tolbert, FB: "My wife is Filipino, so there's a lot of other types of food. But personally I'm traditional. Turkey, honey baked ham, macaroni and cheese, collard greens, cabbage, green bean casserole, corn bread, cranberry sauce, stuffing. One side? Napkins. Because I'm going to work!"

Ryan Delaire, DE: "Turkey...honestly I just said turkey for the cameras, but I'm not really a turkey guy. It can be fish, chicken anything. Turkey to me is kind of dry. Yams, mac and cheese."