BEAVERTON, Ore. -- A Beaverton man is heartbroken after a hacker stole his identity on Facebook, then tried to scam his friends out of money while posing as him.

Glenn Speake opened his Facebook page eight years ago and used it as a diary and storage for thousands of photos of his family. Facebook has now locked him out of that account.

“I've lost all those memories,” said Speake. “I've lost them all.”

Speake said the problems started earlier this week while he was on the social media giant.

“I got a little pop-up window that looked like it came from Facebook,” recalled Speake. “It said, ‘someone has opened an account in your name,’ and it has my picture and said ‘do you recognize this?’ And I clicked ‘no, I didn't open up an account.’”

Speake didn't know it at the time, but he had just triggered a hack. That night, Facebook locked Speake out of his real account. Meanwhile, the hacker created a new, fake account with Speake’s name and a photograph of him they’d stolen from his real page. Soon, Speake said the hacker was sending messages to his friends.

“They said things like, ‘I need help, I need money,’” said Speake. “Of course people who know me know I would never do that… I'm not going to go on Facebook Messenger in broken English and ask for money.”

Speake said he petitioned Facebook at least 50 times for help and asked them to unfreeze his real account. He said at Facebook’s request, he showed them four pieces of identification to prove it was really him. Speake said they still think he’s the hacker and that the fake account is real.

“I've written so much, my fingers are tired from typing,” he said. “I ask them, ‘Please don't close this case, this is still open,’ and I put the sad face on there… I've done it 50 times.”

On top of everything, Speake is disabled. He suffers from a degenerative bone condition and spends most of his time at home. He said Facebook was how he'd pass the time and ease his pain but now it's become another source of it.

“It really hurts,” he said. “For them to be that accusatory and not listen to reason.”

KGW reached out to Facebook and asked them to take a closer look at Speake’s problem. It’s unclear whether they’re investigating his case, but Speake said on Thursday night, the social media company locked him out of a second Facebook page he opened to replace the last one.

“I hope they fix this problem, and let me combine both pages,” Speake said. “If nothing else, I just want my pictures-- I can’t think of anything else I’d want back besides those photographs.”