CHARLOTTE, N.C. - There’s a social media alert, after a meeting between strangers leads to an armed robbery.

Mint Hill, North Carolina police say a man was going to buy a cell phone through an app at an apartment complex. That’s when four suspects got into his car, began assaulting him, and fired shots when he tried to leave.

It’s the latest example of how careful you have to be when meeting a stranger in that way. Police just warned about that, after a young man was recently murdered. Now, another man’s been robbed.

Fortunately, the victim in the latest case was able to safely escape, but another young man was not.

Last month, Zach Finch, a star on and off the baseball field at the University of Cumberlands, was murdered at a west Charlotte apartment complex. His family told NBC Charlotte Zach was trying to buy a cell phone through the LetGo app, when the people meeting him tried to rob him. He was shot in the back trying to run away, they said.

His brother said he met the, “wrong people at the wrong time”.

“It’s a crime of opportunity just like anything else when you’re meeting a stranger,” says Johnathan Frisk with CMPD Crime Prevention.

Officials say with the surge in online shopping apps, everyone should keep some tips in mind.

“Recommend going somewhere with security cameras, somewhere that’s well lit, and obviously somewhere where there’s a lot of people,” says Frisk.

Another good tip is to tell someone where you’re going and what you’re doing. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Police departments are the best places to go through with a sale.