CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- First responders around the country are being flooded with false calls, and it’s all because of a feature on the Apple Watch that’s meant to help keep you safe.

It’s called “SOS” and it’s used to connect you to local dispatchers in the case of an emergency. When you hold down your power button for three seconds, a screen will pop up giving you the “Emergency SOS” option.

The problem is that right above that is an option to swipe and power off your watch. The two are so close together, some are accidentally calling 911.

We checked with CMPD and they tell us they haven’t seen any problems here, but there’s an entire thread on Reddit dedicated to the problem. One dispatch agency in Connecticut even put out an announcement on Facebook warning people about it.

If you accidentally call 911, don’t hang up. Just stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher what happened.

You can disable to feature by opening the “Apple Watch” tab on your iPhone. Tap “My Watch”—“General”— “Emergency SOS”—then you can turn off the “Hold to Auto Call” feature.