CHESTER, S.C. -- After devastating images of fatal crashes over the last year in Chester County have spread, Lance Corporal Gary Miller says the highway patrol and other law enforcement are setting up increased patrols.

"City and county units, other municipalities work together to try to cut down DUI, enhanced DUI enforcement," Miller said.

He set up a driving course with the media Wednesday in a golf cart to show the difference between weaving between cones sober and with beer goggles on, which impair your vision. The difference in ability to clearly see the road, is staggering. He says it's the main cause of fatal crashes in the state.

"Historically, the average is over 50 percent is effected by DUI one way or the other," Miller said.

Miller says this has been a growing trend in Chester County over the last few years. In 2014, there were eight fatal crashes. In 2015, 13 and in 2016 with two months to go there have already been 16.

He says 65-percent of the people who have died in crashes in South Carolina weren't wearing a seat belt, so that's the main recommendation to be safe on the roads. In Chester, he says their patrols won't be random, they'll be calculated and planned out.

"Where accidents happen, what time of day they happen, and we try to put our officers in the problem areas at the specific times to try to reduce the chances of collisions and crashes in those areas," Miller said.