CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A meteor soared across southeast skies Wednesday night, seen by several but one man from Cornelius captured the astronomical event on his security camera.

Earl Ayers was sitting on his front porch in Cornelius when the meteor skipped across the stars.

"I really wasn't anticipating seeing anything, just happened to notice it in the corner of my eye and started watching it," recalled Ayers.

Ayers has seen meteors before but he says Wednesday night's shooting star was rare because it was visible for an entire eight seconds.

"Normally when you see a meteor, it comes at a certain angle and seems to be a lot faster than the one last night," Ayers said

According to the American Meteor Society, 189 people reported seeing the meteor.

Eyewitness accounts started rolling in around 8:30 p.m. but Ayers is the only person to tweet video that's gone viral.

The security camera was given to Ayers as a Christmas gift. Day-to-day footage would include a delivery man or neighbor walking a dog but he says Wednesday night's meteor is the craziest event his camera has captured. 

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