CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- With temperatures dipping down well below freezing it's going to be brutal for kids out at the bus stop in the morning. That's why the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District has issued a warning for students to dress accordingly.

A crippling cold-blast has people thinking twice after packing up their winter gear.

"I already had the jackets in the back of my closet," said Erica Andrews, a Charlotte resident.

With winter making returning in a big way this week some say we all should've seen it coming.

"Guess the Groundhog was right this year we were laughing at him, but he was right because winter is still staying," said Deborah Simms, a Charlotte resident.

Brendan Cunliffe with Mecklenburg County Parks & Recreation says they've always got a plan in place for the weather. Still with kids ready to play ball -- an empty field of dreams.

"There are other outside organizations other than Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation who have canceled practice or games over the last week because of weather," said Cunliffe.

At Charlotte Douglas there were travel troubles for dozens. Tuesday American Airlines canceled all flights to JFK and La Guardia from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport.

Just this week there have been more than 6,000 flight cancellations in the US affecting some 350,000 passengers.

"We had to pay a lot extra but we're going," said a traveler.